the Dutch Caribbean island of Curaçao in live 3D
software by 3D State

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Curaçao island, 1499upon European discovery by Alonso de Ojeda
simulation area 65x24 km - 368.7 Kb

Christoffel National Parkaround 375 m Christoffelberg in the West
simulation area 3200x3200 m - 882.4 Kb

These two use 3D State technology.
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tiny toplarge mountain
caribbean sea surfacecaribbean sea bottom
View to the North from 20,000m high. Bottom right Klein Curaçao.
Elevations from -2000 m to +375m
made with Geomantics' Genesis II (now down the drain)

Frankly, we have to agree that the techniques used by Google Earth are much more advanced than what we have to offer. We are in a new phase of development and hope to be able to work something out with Google later.
Our next simulations are in Virtual Reality (VRML).
Get a taste here!

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Curaçao island
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